Co-investing in the future of industries with ambitious enterprises

Turning corporate challenges into investable opportunities

We build, fund and empower ventures to work effectively with corporate partners to drive value creation of scalable opportunities that couldn’t be imagined without either stakeholder being deeply committed. Like the founders we work with, we punch far above our weight. We provide startups the strategic guidance of investors, but as fellow operators we never hesitate to roll up our sleeves. Through diverse perspectives we will build a better future.

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We invest in transformative companies

  • Item 1

    Modern workspaces you can rent for hours, days or months worldwide.

  • Item 2

    Extends engineering teams with the most talented software developers in Africa.

  • Item 3

    Customer loyalty and rewards platform.

  • Item 4

    Acquired by Rocket Internet / Foodora.

  • Item 5

    Acquired by Science / Google.

  • Item 6

    Acquired by Airbnb.

* Performance data shown represent past performance, which is not a guarantee of future results. Any historical returns or unrealized returns may not actually reflect actual future performance. All securities involve risk and may result in loss. Startup investing is a particularly risky asset class and may result in total loss.

General Partners’ investment track record

  • 6.6x

    Tracking performance

  • 1.56x

    Cash on cash distribution

  • 7

    Meaningful exits (3x+)

  • $1B+

    Total equity value created

“Here’s my take on Highline Beta startup creation magic: It accelerated our growth by 1-2 years. I came in as a CEO and hit the ground running. Relay had a Fortune 500 corporate partner from day one in AmFam, an investor in Highline Beta, a team of 5 people, an office — and I didn’t have the constant stress of figuring out how to pay my bills. It just works.”

Greg Boutin, CEO of Relay

Diversity to Build a Better Future

Entrepreneurs, corporate executives and emerging technologies are driving our future. However, among corporations, VCs and angel investors, the early stage capital decision makers remain embarrassingly skewed. Earlier this year Highline Beta and Female Funders published the Women in Venture Report – including data gathered covering 300+ institutional and corporate VC firms across North America. The report has received extensive media coverage, acknowledging the role that investors and funding plays in solving industry problems that matter for a diverse population.

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Diversity to Build a Better Future

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