About Highline BETA

We started Highline BETA with a mission to transform industries by co-creating new ventures with leading corporates and experienced startup founders. The journey is just beginning, but we fundamentally believe there’s an opportunity to create a new model for corporate innovation and startup investing that works.

Our team has spent years in the entrepreneurial and investor trenches.

We’ve started companies, invested in others, mentored founders, pushed the startup ecosystem and worked inside large organizations. And we’ve got the bumps & bruises to show for it.

More than that, we’ve come to realize the incredible opportunity–right at this very moment in time–to unlock the assets within large organizations and startups to bring them together in new ways.

We believe the future of corporate innovation is new venture development.

Corporates that co-create new businesses (internally and externally with startups) will find new opportunities and growth trajectories for the future.

Highline BETA office

Leadership Team

Marcus Daniels

Marcus Daniels

Marcus is a serial entrepreneur, pre-seed investor & Corp Innovation architect. Co-Founder/CEO @ HIGHLINE.vc; MD @ Extreme Startups; COO @ TrendHunter. LinkedIn | About.me

Ben Yoskovitz

Ben Yoskovitz

Ben is an experienced founder, investor and product manager. VP Product at VarageSale and GoInstant (acq. $CRM); Co-Founder/CEO @ StandoutJobs; Co-author @ Lean Analytics. LinkedIn | Blog

Lauren Robinson

Lauren Robinson

Lauren is a pre-seed accelerator & startup ecosystem leader. Executive Director @ Female Funders; Global Ops @ HIGHLINEvc & @ ExtremeStartups. LinkedIn

Supporting the Startup Ecosystem

We are actively involved in supporting the startup and investor ecosystems across Canada. Members of our team sit on the boards of organizations such as CIX, NACO and others, always with an eye to helping startups succeed and corporates innovate more successfully.

Vancouver Economic Commission - VEC
National Angel Capital Organization
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StartupFest Montreal
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Cookhouse Lab