Venture Studio

Build your next startup with a dedicated team + Fortune 1000 corporate in your corner

Our venture studio is made for repeat founders who are deeply passionate about a problem space or idea that aligns with those of our corporate partners.

Work with our seasoned team of operators and investors to validate, build and launch your VC backed startup within 6-9 months. We also co-lead your pre-seed raise and invest in your institutional seed round.

Why build your next startup with us?

✔ Expert venture studio team of startup product managers, designers and engineers to help you validate and launch your MVP.

✔ Unique access to our Fortune 1000 corporate partners provides an unfair advantage for growth and revenue.

✔ We provide the initial capital to get you to launch as well as lead or co-lead your pre-seed and institutional seed funding rounds.

Our startup portfolio

Startup logo for Relay, a funded portfolio company from our venture studio.
Startup logo for Moselle, a funded portfolio company from our venture studio.
Startup logo for Volley, an upcoming portfolio company from our venture studio.

How our Venture Studio model works

Our team of startup builders and investors work alongside you to get to a funded startup + MVP in market within 6-9 months. We help you validate your idea and launch the business, raise money and cultivate strategic partnerships with corporates.

The steps in our venture studio model -  Pre-formation, Formation, Public Launch, Pre-seed, Institutional Seed
Greg Boutin, CEO at Relay

“Highline Beta’s venture studio model accelerated our growth by 1-2 years. We had a Fortune 500 corporate partner from day one, an investor in Highline Beta, a team of 5 people, an office and a ton of support that allowed me to focus on the business.”

— Greg Boutin, Founder and CEO, Relay

Founders: We’re with you every step of the way

Venture Studio Resources

  • Product: Vision / strategy / roadmap development, market research / sizing / positioning, value proposition refinement, business modelling, growth funnel development
  • Design: User interviews, customer journey mapping, interactive prototypes, IA mapping, low-high fidelity designs, user testing
  • Technology: Rapid prototyping, MVP build, hosting / infrastructure management, guidance on architecture and development best practices

Turnkey Startup Operations

  • Covers: Incorporation, bank setup, legal, early financial model, accounting and insurance
  • $25k provided to fund initial operational setup
  • Pre-negotiated deals and setup with preferred vendors
  • Lifetime access to network of resources (SMEs, contractors, investors, corporates, other portfolio co’s)

Venture Capital Investment

  • Initial runway capital (at incorporation): $100k
  • Highline Beta’s equity position at incorporation: 25%
  • Pre-seed target investment: $250k-$500k
  • Up to $1M total investment available through institutional seed round (or in follow-on rounds)

Corporate – Startup Collaboration

  • Exploration of joint ventures or other commercial deals with our corporate partners
  • Preferred access to corporate accelerator programs
  • Potential for investment from corporate partners’ investment funds

Corporates: Ignite growth beyond the core

Ben Yoskovitz, Founding Partner, speaking about venture studios.

We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading enterprises in developing and executing their innovation strategy. Whether it’s helping to discover new opportunities for growth, validating existing ideas, or partnering with startups, we help corporates build innovative ventures that win in market.

With a top notch pre-seed investment track record, our team provides a venture capitalist’s lens in helping corporates build a balanced portfolio of ventures.

Learn more about our corporate innovation services.

RBC Royal Bank corporate logo, black and white
ABInBev corporate logo, black and white
Morneau Shepell corporate logo, black and white
American Family Insurance corporate logo, black and white
Aviva corporate logo, black and white

News from our Portfolio

Building Moselle: A Story of Startup Co-Creation

Building Moselle: A Story of Startup Co-Creation

We engaged one of our corporate partners to help evaluate the opportunity we saw in the market. And after months of research and validation, alongside our team, Moselle was born. Today, Moselle is live offering trade businesses easy-to-use trade financing and currency exchange services.


Q: Do you have a specific focus on particular industries?
A: We’re focused on opportunity areas that match those of our corporate partners. Today these industries including financial services / banking, insurance, health & wellness, supply chain, sustainability, and DTC enablement.

Q: What kind of support can I expect from the venture studio team?
A: Our team of seasoned startup builders and pre-seed investors have a proven track record of validating, building, and launching startups that go on to raise 3rd party institutional funding. We take a hands on approach and live and breathe your startup alongside you, day in and day out.

Q: What if I don’t have an idea?
A: While we typically work with founders who already have an idea, we won’t let that stop us from working with exceptional founders. If you’re still searching for an idea, we’ll work with you through a 4 week ideation sprint to help you find one. While we don’t provide capital yet, our studio team assists you during this period. Once we’ve got strong conviction of an idea to validate and build as a venture backable startup, we incorporate and provide capital.

Q: Do you offer a salary for founders?
A: Once we align on an idea, we incorporate a CCPC and setup an employment contract for you. We provide $125,000 in capital up front: $25,000 to cover initial operating setup costs, as well as $100,000 to cover salaries and other expenses (runway to get you to pre-seed funding).

Q: How much equity do you take?
A: At incorporation, we take 25% equity in exchange for $125,000 of initial capital to setup and incorporate your startup, as well as provide 6-9 months of runway to get you to pre-seed funding. We also co-lead your pre-seed round and invest in your institutional seed round, with up to $1M available beyond the initial capital.

Q: What kind of founders do you work with?
A: We normally work with founders with previous experience leading VC-backed startups and who are still early with their next idea (no meaningful IP yet). As well, we’ve always been committed to diversity – One of our goals is for half of the startups spun-out from our Venture Studio to be led by women.