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The beauty of this startup creation process is that it cut the initial exploration and MVP development work by 1-2 years. I hit the ground running. I had a corporate partner, an investor in Highline Beta, a team (5 people), an office and I didn’t have the constant stress of figuring out how to pay the bills. In a model like this, having two experienced partners on each side gives us the perfect quarterbacks to supercharge our growth.

Greg Boutin
Former CEO
Relay Platform

Our Approach

Our Venture Studio team works with you to build the product, while finding a CEO – and we’ll invest alongside you to help build and scale an early stage company.



Within 60 to 90 days, we identify several venture concepts addressing specific, meaningful problems faced by identifiable customer segments in a sizable market where you have a right to win and time-to-market is a premium.


Venture Validation

We validate at least one venture concept within the studio, providing clarity about its potential solutions, product roadmap, and go-to-market strategy. We provide the business case and recommend how to advance the venture concept.


Co-Creation / Build Internally / Partner / Buy

Whether you choose to build your new venture internally, co-create with Highline Beta in our studio, or partner with a startup, we work with you to find the right path — and invest right alongside you.

Selected Case Studies


AmFam: Relay

How American Family Insurance partnered with Highline Beta to Build Relay Platform

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How Colgate-Palmolive worked with Highline Beta to discover and validate six new venture opportunities

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Green Shield Canada

GSC enlisted Highline Beta’s help to find new ways to innovate for healthcare

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The Cincinnati Insurance Company

How Cincinnati worked with Highline Beta to discover and validate two new ventures

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Venture Building

Global CPG Company

How Highline Beta helped people who cherish food get a better-informed bite

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Our Expertise, Your Needs

Whether looking for a new revenue stream, trying to leverage an under-utilized asset, exploring how to solve a problem, or working hard on a solution already, we meet you wherever you are on your innovation journey. We’re always up for a quick conversation to see how we can help.

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