Flora is Bringing Fertility Insurance to the Market with Highline Beta


One in six people will need some form of fertility assistance, which can cost on average $50,000 over the lifetime of treatment. The harsh reality is that 60% of people have no coverage at all.

Flora allows women to buy low-cost insurance to cover future fertility treatments, including egg freezing, IUI and IVF. The platform will also provide a community for women with perks, knowledge and support.

Flora was co-founded by Laura McDonald and Christy Lane. Both are accomplished entrepreneurs. Laura is a DTC and female demographic-focused leader. She founded and exited Canada’s largest financial media company engaging female wealth influencers. She’s also the author of two bestselling personal finance books targeting women. Christy is a global Insurtech, analytics and digital health expert. She founded and exited Vivametrica, an Insurtech startup focused on lifestyle-based underwriting and engagement. Christy founded the Stanford Wearable Health Lab and was a “Female Founders of Insurtech” winner.

This market is incredibly underserved.

While some employers provide fertility-related benefits, most do not. And those that do likely don’t cover treatments to the extent that is necessary. Flora can work with employers, associates and other groups to help, but will focus primarily on going direct to consumer through trusted channel partners with mass reach.

The Femtech market is starting to see more attention and investment, but remains small compared to the size of the audience that it serves. Knowing that women make 80% of a household’s health care decisions and spend 29% more per-capita on health care than men, we believe this is a market that will see strong returns.

We see incredible potential with Flora to deliver a much needed solution to the market for women, even before they’re actively trying to have children.

We’re excited to be working with Laura and Christy to build Flora. They’re currently signing people onto the waitlist for their first insurance product. To learn more visit https://heyflora.co.

Reach out if you’d like to chat about becoming a channel partner, supporter, or investor in their next raise. We’d love to introduce you to the team.

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