Growth through diversity: Female Funders investment education program

An investor accelerator program to launch the next generation of women angels.

Since day one, Female Funders has been committed to empowering women to become the angel investors of tomorrow. A year ago, Highline Beta acquired Female Funders to help inspire the next generation of female angel investors and support more female founders.

Together, our combined experience as investors, founders, and accelerator leaders have allowed us to re-imagine the future of Female Funders. That future starts today.

Introducing Angel Academy

Women corporate and technology executives already have the industry expertise, network, and capital to impact startups as investors and advisors. But building the education, expert guidance, and deal flow to make that first investment takes time and effort.

Female Funders has built Angel Academy to get you there faster. By accelerating paths to women’s first investment, we’re launching the next generation of angel investors.

Why Angel Academy?

The short version: we need more women in early-stage funding.

Though women founders are the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs, women receive a minuscule 2.7% of venture funding. This has a lot to do with who’s on the other side of the table.

While women have the industry experience, corporate networks, and accredited investor capital to make great investors, only 6% of deal-making VCs are women, and 22% of all angel investors are women.

To enact real change across our ecosystem, we need more women on both sides of the table. That starts with more women angel investors.

Angel investing is about more than just return. By learning to be exceptional angel investors, women develop new skills, deepen industry expertise, and help bring new products and innovations into the world.

Today, Angel Academy launches – but that’s just the beginning. Will you join us?

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