Our pitch deck template for corporate new ventures

The process companies use for approving new projects or initiatives is tested & true – right? Create a business plan outlining the 5-year forecast for income, profits, and cash flow, and run that up the flagpole for approval. Business plans are detailed, and thorough – and in the innovation world, they’re almost always wrong. Founders – […]

The Intrapreneur’s Toolkit

If you’re working to launch a corporate new venture, you’re going to need the right tools to do it. With the plethora of tools and products out there, it’s easy to get bogged down in finding the “right” tools for the job. This is compounded by the reality that getting access to new tools within […]

Introducing Highline Beta’s COO - Lauren Robinson

Today, we’re thrilled to finally announce that Lauren Robinson will be joining the leadership team at Highline BETA as COO. As many of you know, Lauren has worked with Marcus Daniels from day 1 at Extreme Startups where she led operations to help evolve the accelerator model through creating new founder development initiatives and startup ecosystem partnerships. She was […]

“Women in Venture” Report from Highline Beta and Female Funders

“In 2019, most of us can agree that there are not enough women making decisions about the future of industries and innovation,” says Lauren Robinson, Highline Beta General Partner and Female Funders Executive Director. “But there is still too much talk, and not enough action. The intent of this report is to give venture capital firms, angels, and LP investors the information we need to benchmark ourselves, and to make concrete change. We hope by bringing greater transparency to these systemic problems, we can provide the inspiration and insight that will catalyze a different future for venture capital.”