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Innovation in Payments: Interview with Saud Aziz, Head of Strategy and Operations at Revolut

What do innovation opportunities in Payments look like in post-COVID world? oday, we talk with Saud Aziz, Head of Strategy and Operations at Revolut Canada about the future of payments post-COVID, and how to compete on UX and win new customers. Revolut is a UK-based fintech company offering banking services including a prepaid debit card, fee free currency , cryptocurrency exchange and peer-to-peer trading.

Crisis Manifesto: How Insurance Will Change Post-COVID

COVID-19 has exposed enormous innovation gaps in the insurance industry. In order to survive, big insurers need to behave more like startups. They need to build ventures in-house, partner with tech innovators, adapt quickly and invest in solutions. Read the new report by Highline Beta on the innovation opportunities in insurance.

Retail After Pandemic: Stephen Gendron, Co-founder, ENDVR

ENDVR is a sales boosting app that makes it easy for brands & retailers to give front line employees the tools they need to excel at their job, and incentives they want to help drive sales on the store floor. Today, we talk with Stephen Gendron, Co-founder of ENDVR about the future of retail.

Retail After Pandemic: Jen Lee Koss, CEO of BRIKA

With physical stores closed to the public and consumers confined to their homes, COVID-19 is reshaping retail. As part of our series on retail innovation we reached out to Jen Lee Koss, CEO of BRIKA to talk about the future of retail.

Building Moselle: A Story of Startup Co-Creation

We engaged one of our corporate partners to help evaluate the opportunity we saw in the market. And after months of research and validation, alongside our team, Moselle was born. Today, Moselle is live offering trade businesses easy-to-use trade financing and currency exchange services.