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How can corporations use startup collaboration to drive real value?

We’re at the dawn of a new era for innovation, technology and venture capital. Corporate executives know it’s not easy to innovate from within. We believe large companies should take a balanced approach to innovation by identifying new areas of growth and building a portfolio of venture investments. We believe in startup-corporate collaboration as the ultimate unfair advantage.

Understand when, why, and how corporations can collaborate with startups.

With Farming in Their DNA, These Tech Entrepreneurs Are Using Data to Change the Future of Agriculture

On the surface, the industries of farming and finance couldn’t look any more different. Sachin Shende, with farming in his blood and degrees in agricultural engineering and computational hydraulics, begs to differ. While working as a quantitative developer in London’s asset management sector, he started noticing the similarities between the fields.  “The concept of managing […]

Take a Portfolio Approach to Launching New Ventures

Successful startups usually don’t win with their first idea or first product. There are many examples of startups that pivoted (in some cases multiple times), or completely reinvented themselves, in order to win. Starbucks started selling espresso machines and beans door-to-door before pivoting to coffee shops on every corner. Avon started as door-to-door book sales, only to […]

Connecting learners with innovative experiences at Pearson Online Learning Services

Connecting learners with innovative experiences at Pearson Online Learning Services Rachel Sumner, Regional Partnership Director at Pearson Embanet, shares with Highline BETA how she is enabling others to realize their economic potential through the design and delivery of learning experiences intended to enhance employability. When I look back at my career, it is a number of […]

How a Small Brazilian Startup Is Helping a Big International Corporation Achieve Its Sustainability Goals

Our latest Startups of Highline Beta series highlights the work of entrepreneurs and ventures we fund and build alongside forward-thinking global enterprises. Rodrigo Oliveira was working for his family’s consulting company near São Paulo, Brazil, on waste disposal engineering projects like landfills, when he started feeling a creeping sense of discomfort. The amount of useful […]

Alexa, build me a venture.

What you missed in the Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan healthcare announcement. ICYMI, last week, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan announced they were teaming up to launch a new Healthcare company. They’ll be developing “technology solutions that will provide U.S. employees and their families with simplified, high-quality and transparent healthcare at a reasonable cost.” The internet (and […]

Your biggest innovation opportunity: waste from digital disruption

Advancements in technology are changing how people live, work, and play. It’s also changing what consumers expect from the companies that serve them. When these changes happen faster than companies can keep up, we often refer to it as disruption. Disrupt – or be disrupted. Disruption is a topic close to our hearts at Highline […]