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The Gender Gap in Corporate Venture Capital

This week, we released the 2019 Women in Venture Report – a project we’ve undertaken with Female Funders to understand the state of gender diversity in early-stage funding. This year we looked not only at independent venture capital firms, but also at corporate venture groups. Why? Because corporate venture is playing an increasingly more important role in our overall […]

Lessons from Intrapreneurs at Allstate

An Interview with Jack Redding I work at Allstate in the IT department, on a desktop and laptop hardware engineering team. But I would say that’s my day job. I also work as the Vice President of the Intrapreneurs at Allstate Employee Resource Group. We promote intrapreneurship and the ability of everyday employees to be able to […]

Facing Your Fears: 4 Research Tips for Talking to Strangers

“Get out of the building.” Steve Blank’s plea to founders has become such a regularly used phrase, it risks being reduced to the stuff of motivational posters. Someone’s even printed it on a T-Shirt. So why are we still so bad at doing it? From entrepreneurs to new ventures teams, we see it time and time […]

5 ways accelerator leaders can drive more meaningful startup mentorship

For founders, having a good mentor can be the difference between success and failure. And yet mentorship is one of the most challenging things to get right about any accelerator program. Building a lousy mentorship program is worse than building no program at all. Our founding partner Marcus Daniels has a thing or two to say about the […]

To succeed, companies need to focus on both purpose and profit

A conversation with Picatic’s Jayesh Parmar Sometimes, innovation means jumping into new markets. Other times, it means doubling down on something you initially thought was just a feature. Regardless, successful innovation requires an intense focus on customer needs, which is exactly what Jayesh Parmar and the Picatic team did. Picatic grew from humble beginnings as […]

5 ways your corporate innovation team can benefit from a startup accelerator

Take the time to truly understand your goals for running an accelerator, so you can build a program that will to help you reach them. Launching new ventures that win shouldn’t be rocket science. (Unless, you know, it is.) But many corporate accelerators and venturing initiatives don’t yield the desired results. Why? We’ve set out to […]

4 ways your innovation team is getting stuck

Identify and remove common barriers your innovation team is facing These days, innovation is top of mind for most corporations — 85% of CEOs rank innovation as a top-three priority. And while innovation is key to company survival, it is also something that most companies struggle with: 81% of business executives are worried about being left behind. Here […]

Our pitch deck template for corporate new ventures

The process companies use for approving new projects or initiatives is tested & true – right? Create a business plan outlining the 5-year forecast for income, profits, and cash flow, and run that up the flagpole for approval. Business plans are detailed, and thorough – and in the innovation world, they’re almost always wrong. Founders – […]

What to Do With That New Venture of Yours? Spin-in or Spin-out?

Originally published in Entrepreneur Netflix spun out its ‘Netflix Box’ division, which became Roku – with a $4 billion-plus market cap. What will you do with your big idea? Innovation and iteration keep today’s leading corporations from becoming obsolete: Companies that put a strong focus on coming up with and testing new ideas have a better […]