Corporate Startup Creation

Build a startup through our venture studio, and work with us to launch the next billion dollar business

Our venture studio model is designed to quickly validate new opportunities and launch them in-market alongside top-notch, fundable founders.

Startups emerging from the venture studio are deeply connected to your innovation goals, providing everyone with an unfair advantage.

And we invest right alongside you.

Define the opportunity

We help innovation teams uncover and validate market opportunities that lead to the creation of new startups.

We work closely with you through our Discovery process to determine the potential for building a new startup.

Set up NewCo and build an MVP

Enterprises bring assets and expertise. Startups bring agility and focus. Highline Beta combines the best of both worlds as we help you launch new ventures.

Our goal is to unlock a corporate’s assets for the new startup, providing them with a legitimate unfair advantage.

Invest together

We invest in the new startup’s seed round, and support with securing additional funding.

We continue to provide resources as the startup spins out and begins to scale.

How our venture studio model works

We combine our discovery and venture validation process, with a deep network of successful founders in our venture studio, and our venture capital fund to bring the necessary ingredients together to build new startups.

Innovation Insights on Portfolio Development

Better together: 3 times external innovation beats building internally

Better together: 3 times external innovation beats building internally

For innovation leaders, the question of where to focus the company’s energy and resources is a never-ending question. For each new idea or opportunity that has the potential to drive growth, the question re-emerges: what is the best approach? Do we build this internally? Do we partner with or invest in a startup? Do we […]