Corporate Innovation Services

Highline Beta works with leading companies to drive growth innovation.

Corporate innovation is changing faster than ever. And opportunities abound to build a portfolio of ventures internally and externally, beyond your core. You can innovate with speed and an investor’s mindset.

We believe in digging deep and taking action, providing clients with the right mix of innovation services and outcomes to create measurable growth opportunities.

Discovery and Venture Validation

Discover new opportunities through validating real, painful problems and relevant customer segments. Quickly test concepts and prototypes to build a validated business case. De-risk your future growth opportunities through a quick discovery and validation sprint.

The Discovery and Venture Validation process is designed to quickly uncover growth opportunities for your business.

Pilot Program Accelerators

We partner you with the right startups to solve your challenges in 6-month corporate startup accelerator programs.

Our focus is on getting startups to pilot as quick as possible, because it’s the best way to validate their solutions.

Each Pilot Program Accelerator is customized to your specific requirements in terms of scope, challenges to solve, deal structure and more. This ensures that we work within your company’s systems to be successful.

Pilot Program Accelerator cohort from 100+ Sustainability Accelerator
Enterprise and Startup Innovation

Venture Portfolio Development

We believe companies need to create a portfolio of ventures (internal and external) to really win in the new game of innovation. We act as a consigliere through the process of identifying growth areas, evaluating how to pursue them, governance, recruiting, skills-building and more.

Our goal is to empower our clients to validate opportunities, decide on the best course of action, and build a scalable, repeatable model for venture development, leading to corporate innovation at scale.

Corporate Startup Creation

We co-create startups with you. Our first spin-out, Relay, was built and funded in partnership with American Family.

Our Corporate Startup Studio model allows you to incubate and launch new startups, spinning them out while maintaining a deep partnership and unfair advantage.

Relay is a corporate startup spun out from Highline Beta and American Family

Innovation Insights

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