End-to-end methodology for startup co-creation.

Combining the experience of enterprises and the agility of startup founders to launch and fund new ventures.

Enterprise advantage

The expertise and assets of industry incumbents create opportunity and fuel growth for co-created startups.

Founder focus

Our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence bring the agility and focus to build market-leading companies from the ground up.

Highline BETA Platform

Our team of investors, developers, product designers, and founders share the risks and rewards of co-creation.


Unlock innovation beyond the core of your business

Work with our co-creation team to identify industry opportunities and to launch and co-invest in a new startup.

Co-create with Highline BETA


Discover and validate customer problems

A Highline BETA co-creation team works with corporate and startup partners to gather insights into key industry problems.

Our user research and product teams go directly to the customer to ensure we are tackling real consumer pains.


Prototype and test solutions

In-house technologists and co-creation experts validate new products, identify & mitigate key risks, and source potential founders and partners.

Together, we decide whether to launch a new venture, pivot, or pass.


Launch and co-invest in a new startup

We partner to provide the venture with the capital, structure, and leadership needed to launch and scale.

With corporate connectivity and ongoing support from Highline BETA, we create the winning conditions for a market-leading company.

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