Safe x Connected Accelerator

Cities need to be more than just smart.

Founded by Aviva Canada and Highline Beta, Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator is a 6 month, milestone-driven accelerator program for early-stage companies that have a product in-market and early traction. The main goal is to define and implement pilots focused on road safety, primarily with Aviva Canada and additional industry partners.

Learn more by visiting the Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator website.

The Accelerator partnership with Highline Beta has proven to be an ideal program for Take Back Our Roads, our social impact platform. By working with innovative companies and governments, we’re able to find tangible solutions and help create real change to improve road safety in Canada.”

– Catherine Brown, VP of Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility at Aviva Canada

Key Program Details

Milestone-driven: The Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator is a milestone-driven accelerator program for early-stage companies that have a product in-market and early traction.

Six-month program: The program runs for 6 months with the possibility of the relationship continuing with Aviva Canada or other partners once the accelerator is complete.

Connect: Provides a low-risk way for Aviva and partners to connect with startups, and validate technologies, strategies, products and ideas in close partnership with them and Highline Beta.

Coaching and Mentorship: We provide active mentorship in partnership with Aviva Canada and other external NGOs, domain experts and investors.

Brand Building: Marketing efforts are put behind supporting the startups through social channels and PR, which also helps Aviva generate brand awareness for their Take Back Our Roads Initiative.

Test Quickly: The program helps startups and corporates get to a proof-of-concept or pilot faster with an opportunity for scale.

Read The Case Study

Our case study with MicroTraffic describes how they leveraged the Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator to launch a national road safety pilot.

MicroTraffic and Aviva launched a grant application program for Canadian cities to apply to, which would give them access to MicroTraffic’s technology. MicroTraffic uses video capture at intersections to detect near misses and provide recommendations on improving intersection safety.

Five cities were selected to participate in the program and MicroTraffic implemented their technology with support from Aviva.

“In startups, things are often chaotic and not all the pieces are in place. Highline Beta truly helps to accelerate corporate deals for startups like MicroTraffic. Leaning on guidance from a large corporation with full structure and teams in place can have a transformative impact.” 

– Craig Milligan, Founder and CEO MicroTraffic

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