Intuit Prosperity Accelerator

Helping small businesses and consumers with their financial challenges

The Intuit Prosperity Accelerator is a partnership between Intuit Canada and Highline Beta, launched in July 2020 with the goal of helping SMBs and consumers with their financial wellbeing as a result of COVID-19. During the program, we focused on 6 financial challenges that we knew many people and businesses were struggling with.

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“We saw an opportunity to tap into the energy, passion, and talent of the startup ecosystem in this time of uncertainty to help solve real challenges for Canadians. Highline Beta was an ideal partner to launch the Intuit Prosperity Accelerator because of their expertise designing programs, sourcing and selecting the right startups, and ensuring we provided meaningful mentorship and support to the startups along the way.” 

– David Marquis, Country Manager of Intuit Canada

Key Program Details

Milestone-driven: The Intuit Prosperity Accelerator is a milestone-driven accelerator program for early-stage companies that have a product in-market and early traction.

Four-month program: The program runs for 4 months with the possibility of the relationship with Intuit Canada continuing beyond the accelerator.

Connect: Provides a low-risk way for Intuit and partners to connect with startups and validate technologies, strategies, products and ideas in close partnership with them and Highline Beta.

Coaching and Mentorship: We provide active mentorship in partnership with Intuit Canada and their Innovation Catalysts.

Brand Building: Marketing efforts are put behind supporting the startups through social channels and PR, which also helps Intuit generate brand awareness.

Investment: Intuit Canada provided up to $20k to each startup for executing pilots, without taking equity in return.

Read The Case Study

Our case study with Intuit describes how we partnered with Intuit Canada to create the Intuit Prosperity Accelerator

Learn how we focused on 6 challenges for startups to solve with innovative solutions, three related to consumer opportunities and three related to small business and self-employed opportunities

The case study highlights how corporate-startup collaboration drives innovation and helps companies grow beyond their core and how Intuit paired each startup with two Innovation Catalysts (ICs), employees at Intuit trained to champion and implement the Design for Delight (D4D) principals.

It also features three quick success stories from Emma LabsHomewise and Dryrun who participated in the program; along with Demo day conducted in partnership with TechTO and attended by Scott Cook, Intuit’s Co-founder through a fireside chat with David Marquis Country Manager of Intuit Canada.

Highline Beta Stories

“The Highline Beta team very quickly became part of our team, with support and guidance available to us in all aspects of our business. We were able to achieve in a few months what otherwise would have taken years.”

– CEO Sparcblock , Wally Vogel

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