Pilot Program Accelerators

Corporates + Startups = Winning

A new kind of corporate startup accelerator focused on results

You can’t do everything on your own. Startups can help you solve your growth innovation challenges if provided with the right opportunity to do so.

Pilot Program Accelerators are tailor-made to test startup solutions quickly and generate results. Unlock new revenue streams, technologies or capabilities, access new markets or customer segments, and uncover new business lines and cost savings.

Solve real problems

Not every problem can be solved internally. Use startup pilots in a corporate startup accelerator framework to drive immediate impact on your bottom line, through unlocked cost savings, new business lines and technologies.

Win on speed

Get to pilots in under 100 days. Our Ops and Delivery team works with you to frame business challenges, design your pilot program accelerator, build the pilot cohort, run the pilots and evaluate outcomes.

Test to invest

Validate new startups and technologies with optionality to scale the relationships, invest or acquire. De-risk your bets and co-invest with us.

Maisie Devine

“Highline Beta has been with AB InBev’s 100+ Accelerator every step of the way. They helped us design the program, define the challenges, select the startups and bring the whole program together. There wouldn’t be a 100+ Accelerator without Highline Beta.”

— Maisie Devine, Global Director, 100+ Sustainability Accelerator

How Pilot Program Accelerators Work

Pilot Program Accelerators are typically 6-months in length, designed to speed up the path to pilot and validation through corporate startup collaboration. We work with you to design the program, source and select startups, run the corporate startup accelerator, providing mentorship and support to the startups along the way.

1. Pilot Program Accelerator Design

3 months

Align on challenges and program structure

  • Install ops team
  • Core program design
  • Support procurement and compliance streamlining
  • Define startup selection criteria
  • Define deal terms and requirements for executing pilots
  • Map out key milestones & internal stakeholder engagement

2. Build Pilot Program Accelerator

2-3 months

Launch applications, source and onboard startups

  • Launch pilot program accelerator website & applications
  • Develop and implement marketing and PR / media strategy
  • Source startups
  • Engage internal mentors and stakeholders on vetting
  • Rigorous vetting and filtering of applications
  • Final selection of cohort

3. Run Pilots through Program

6 months

Launch pilot projects

  • Onboard all startups into program
  • Identify key pilot milestones and KPIs for each startup
  • Implement programming (webinars, mentorship, etc.)
  • Onboard all startups into the program
  • Identify key pilot milestones and KPIs for each startup

4. Evaluate Pilot Success

1 month

Evaluate and scale collaborations

  • Design and run a “demo day” experience for final presentations to key stakeholders
  • Evaluate and support scaling  of successful pilots
  • Evaluate potential to co-invest in startups

Pilot Program Accelerators

The AB InBev 100+ Sustainability Accelerator is a global program supporting AB InBev’s sustainability goals in water stewardship, circular packaging, smart agriculture, climate action and upcycling.

The Station FinTech Accelerator program is focused on connecting FinTech and InsurTech startups with leading Quebec-based institutions.

The Intuit Prosperity Accelerator supports the financial wellbeing of small businesses, self-employed and consumers across North America.

The Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator, in partnership with Aviva Canada, focuses on important road safety issues and developing pilots with municipalities and other organizations.

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