We help the Fortune 1000 identify new growth areas, co-innovate with startups and build corporate ventures.

Identify new business growth areas

Find and validate new industry opportunities for your company. We turn insights into action, and leverage Highline Beta’s venture capital lens to discover investable growth opportunities

“Highline Beta is helping us develop our venture building capabilities by implementing best practices and coaching our teams on a regular basis.

Their depth and breadth of experience and knowledge, as entrepreneurs, product leaders and investors, gives us the skills to forge ahead and confidence that we’re heading in the right direction.”

—Gavin Schmidt, Operating Systems Lead, Evolv Group / Kraft Heinz

Co-develop corporate ventures

We work closely with internal innovation teams and provide the structure, support, KPIs and hands-on experience to help teams build a balanced venture portfolio.

“RBC is working with Highline Beta to take a startup-centric approach with RBC Ventures. By embracing this model, we are blending our own intrapreneurs who have a deep understanding of consumer and industry challenges with entrepreneurs who bring fresh ideas and perspectives to accelerate our innovation and growth.”

—Mike Dobbins, Chief Strategy & Corporate Development Officer, RBC

Accelerate innovation at the speed of startups

We invest through our fund and work with innovation teams to filter, pilot and do commercial deals with startups, through corporate accelerators or our venture studio.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of AB InBev and Highline Beta. The 100+ Sustainability program accelerated our path to commercialization with AB InBev and other global organizations now adopting the BanQu platform in their supply chains. This AB InBev partnership has given us the credibility to secure additional customers and investors.”

— Ashish Gadnis, Founder and CEO, BanQu
How can corporations use startup collaboration to drive real value?

How can corporations use startup collaboration to drive real value?

We’re at the dawn of a new era for innovation, technology and venture capital. Corporate executives know it’s not easy to innovate from within. We believe large companies should take a balanced approach to innovation by identifying new areas of growth and building a portfolio of venture investments. We believe in startup-corporate collaboration as the ultimate unfair advantage. Understand when, why, and how corporations can collaborate with startups.

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