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Smart City Dreams: Evolving Smart Cities from Blueprints to Reality

At Highline Beta we believe that smart cities are the future, and even though it may not be evenly distributed yet, in many ways that future is taking shape now. That’s why, earlier this month we co-hosted our first ever smart cities event with Sidewalk Labs, Smart City Dreams: Evolving Smart Cities from Blueprints to Reality. […]

With Farming in Their DNA, These Tech Entrepreneurs Are Using Data to Change the Future of Agriculture

On the surface, the industries of farming and finance couldn’t look any more different. Sachin Shende, with farming in his blood and degrees in agricultural engineering and computational hydraulics, begs to differ. While working as a quantitative developer in London’s asset management sector, he started noticing the similarities between the fields.  “The concept of managing […]

Spout – Stories from 100+ Accelerator

This simple device could prevent widespread damage from future water crises. Spout isn’t Ari Kaufman’s first venture. Far from it. The water safety testing device startup is the serial entrepreneur’s seventh company — and perhaps his most game-changing yet. The company’s mission is crystal clear: safe water for everyone, everywhere. It sounds lofty, but Spout’s deceptively […]

Take a Portfolio Approach to Launching New Ventures

Successful startups usually don’t win with their first idea or first product. There are many examples of startups that pivoted (in some cases multiple times), or completely reinvented themselves, in order to win. Starbucks started selling espresso machines and beans door-to-door before pivoting to coffee shops on every corner. Avon started as door-to-door book sales, only to […]