Five years of code, mentorship, and education: a conversation with Jeremy Shaki of Lighthouse Labs

We caught up with Jeremy Shaki (Co-Founder and Chief Talking Officer of Lighthouse Labs) and Marcus Daniels (Co-Founder and CEO of HIGHLINE vc and Founding Partner of Highline BETA), to learn more about what happened after four friends quit their jobs, packed their bags, and moved to Vancouver to start a bootcamp. “Put it in the market, and learn from what you’re doing.” “My […]

Diversity to Build a Better Future

Entrepreneurs, corporate executives and emerging technologies are driving our future. However, among corporations, VCs and angel investors, the early stage capital decision makers remain embarrassingly skewed. Earlier this year Highline Beta and Female Funders published the Women in Venture Report – including data gathered covering 300+ institutional and corporate VC firms across North America.

The report has received extensive media coverage, acknowledging the role that investors and funding plays in solving industry problems that matter for a diverse population.