Innovate at the speed of startups.

Highline BETA corporate programs allow enterprises to innovate faster.

Launch things users love

Put the customer at the center of your process. Launch products, services, and ventures that delight customers and stakeholders.

Get to market faster

Most companies take 1 – 2 years to get innovations or partnerships off the ground. With Highline BETA, launch in a fraction of the time.

Repeatable process

We believe in taking a portfolio approach to innovation. Together, we’ll create a tailored process to take ideas to launch and scale.

IN 1-3 Days

Fast Track Program

The Highline BETA Fast Track program brings together your executives with top startups that are shaping the future of your industry.
Quickly identify startups and provide accelerated paths to strategic collaborations, partnerships, investments and acquisitions.

Bring fast track to your company
IN 3-5 Days

Innovation Bootcamps

Our Bootcamps focus on elements of Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Lean Analytics. Hands-on programming will provide participants with the skills to make progress on your innovation priorities and launch new products or business lines.
We offer both Executive Bootcamps and Bootcamps for New Venture Teams.

IN 8-12 Weeks

Startup Accelerator Programs

Create a funnel for investment and partnership opportunities, simplify access to decision makers, and make your company a more attractive partner for leading startups.
Power a branded flagship accelerator, or partner with other leading corporations on an industry-focused program.

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