In partnership with Highline Beta, Avery Dennison Reveals Second Cohort of Startups Participating in AD Stretch, a Global Corporate Pilot Accelerator Program

Avery Dennison comes together with five startups across North America and EMENA to drive innovation and growth in packaging and sustainability, while in parallel accelerating the growth of startups to drive win:win outcomes.

About the Program

Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE:AVY), a leader in global materials science and manufacturing, in partnership with Highline Beta launched AD Stretch™, a non-dilutive global pilot accelerator program. Their ambition is to address some of their most pressing business challenges in packaging and sustainability by working with the external ecosystem of startups, accelerators and investors to drive win:win outcomes.

They also aim to foster a startup mentality of agility and innovation throughout their organization to accelerate speed of growth.

Following a successful inaugural cohort of AD Stretch focused on running pilots in LATAM and APAC, the second cohort continues to deliver a unique pilot based accelerator program centered around collaboratively planning, executing, and analyzing funded in-market pilots with a select group of startups over a condensed 6-month period. 

“The five startups will bring unique approaches and solutions to our challenges and fresh perspectives to our industry. Together, we will drive innovation and sustainability globally.”

– Jeroen Diderich, SVP & General Manager, North America 

Today we are pleased to announce that Avery Dennison has revealed the 5 startups with whom they will be running global pilots with across North America and EMENA (Europe, Middle East & North Africa).

Over the next 6 months these startups will be working hand-in-hand with dedicated pilot champions from Avery Dennison and leading industry experts/mentors to plan, execute and analyze these commercial pilots to accelerate innovations in packaging and sustainability.

Avery Dennison aims to foster a startup mentality of agility and innovation throughout the organization by collaborating with startups, accelerators and investors. This strategy will create win-win outcomes for everyone involved. Our partnering will positively impact our industry and the world.

– Steve Flannery, SVP & General Manager, Europe

Meet the Cohort

BeFC produces electricity with papers & enzymes. Their technology reinvents the way we power microelectronics, providing data opportunities without the downsides of battery disposal.

Pilot Region: EMENA
Pilot Lead: Benoit Jourde

Moree helps food brands ditch single use packaging through their reusable packaging system. They offer flatpack packaging to brands on a pay-per-use basis, and easy returns with digital rewards for their customers.

Pilot Region: EMENA
Pilot Lead: Iryna Garkushyna & Noam Assael

Peafowl Plasmonics utilizes plasmonics technology for light harvesting. Current use cases are low-power devices that benefit from being self-powered, for example indoor sensors, e-paper displays and dynamic windows. 

Pilot Region: North America
Pilot Lead: Nikhil Agashe

Puro Renewables uses carbon-negative, biorenewable, biowaste like oyster shells and agave fiber to produce Oysterplast and Agaveplast, which assist companies in reducing their reliance on fossil-fuel resins and the carbon footprint in their plastic products.

Pilot Region: North America
Pilot Lead: Kevin Henderson

Stemly is a decision intelligence software platform that helps executives make supply chain operations, finance, and sustainability decisions using data science to automate forecasting and optimization.

Pilot Region: APAC
Pilot Lead: Pankaj Lunia

In the first cohort we saw great success with startups from around the world collaborating with Avery Dennison on pilots. I expect we’ll see incredible results from the new cohort, further demonstrating how corporate-startup partnerships drive impactful and sustainable innovation.

– Ben Yoskovitz, Founding Partner, Highline Beta

Our team looks forward to further collaborating with Avery Dennison in advancing their open innovation initiatives, particularly in the field of packaging and sustainability. To learn more about our innovation services, please connect directly with Ben Yoskovitz, Founding Partner, Highline Beta.

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