Valerie Swatkow Joins Highline Beta as Chief Development Officer

We are thrilled to make the announcement that Valerie Swatkow has joined Highline Beta as Chief Development Officer. Valerie brings a wealth of experience to our growing Executive team, particularly in the arenas of Brand Marketing Development and Client Engagement. She’s built her expertise from within global professional services organizations (Leo Burnett, Cossette) in the U.S., Asia and Canada, working shoulder to shoulder with blue chip companies like McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble and Heidelberg.

While an expert in brand leadership, Valerie is also highly engaged in the innovation landscape, having previously launched a corporate venture fund, a co-founder of Elevate Tech Festival, and currently serving as a mentor for Next Canada as well as on the advisory boards of several startups.

Highline Beta has just crossed our 5 year anniversary and is accelerating our next phase of growth globally. Recognized again as one of the “Best Workplaces for Innovators by Fast Company” in 2021, Highline Beta has brought on more corporate partners in the past 6 months than any previous year and global demand for its services is reaching new geographic markets. 

“We are excited to draw on Valerie’s experience and passion to grow our brand globally and our business through our unique corporate-startup innovation models. She has the perfect blend of global corporate, agency and startup experience to deliver and bolster our ability to deliver exponential impact. Our mission is to help corporate clients grow beyond their core & portfolio startups succeed, by positively transforming industries, through internal and external innovation.” – Marcus Daniels, Founding Partner & CEO 

In her new role, Valerie will be Highline Beta’s de facto CMO, drawing on her deep experience in brand marketing to solidify Highline Beta’s position in the marketplace, in addition to assisting in evolving our corporate services design to support organizational growth across Highline Beta’s integrated business groups and corporate client base. She’s the perfect combination of strategist and grassroots-roll-up-your-sleeves-doer that makes her an excellent fit for Highline Beta.

“I first met Highline Beta a few years ago when I initially jumped into the innovation landscape in Toronto and immediately gravitated to their purpose. I knew I wanted to work with them and while we looked for a way to partner at that time, it never came to fruition. I’ve been keenly watching them ever since and am thrilled to now be able to join their mission directly.” – Valerie Swatkow

As Highline Beta continues to grow, it understands the importance of building a strong marketing engine and competing globally as a ‘best in class’ service organization. 

“Highline Beta is uniquely positioned in the innovation space. They are capable of meeting corporate partners at their unique juncture on their innovation journey, instead of the other way around. It’s an easy story to tell and I look forward to assisting in it’s telling.” – Valerie Swatkow

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