Requity Homes Dives Into How They Work With Real Estate Investors to Reduce Barriers to Home Ownership for Canadians  

Requity Homes Dives Into How They Work With Real Estate Investors to Reduce Barriers to Home Ownership for Canadians  

Amy Ding from Requity Homes, a Highline Beta portfolio company, dives into how she’s making homeownership possible while driving healthy returns for institutional real estate investors committed to helping Canadians get into homeownership.

Highline Beta recently welcomed a group of investors and kicked off their portfolio spotlight series at their Toronto HQ with Amy Ding, the Co-Founder & CEO of Requity Homes. Amy presented and discussed how, together Requity Homes and institutional real estate investors can work together to reduce barriers to home ownership for Canadians while providing investors the ability to invest in single-family homes.  

Requity Homes, is a Highline Beta portfolio company that focuses on offering a modernized rent-to-own (“RTO”) program to aspiring home buyers who aren’t mortgage-ready in Canada. They do this through a tech-enabled real estate platform that is creating a new path to homeownership through their modernized rent-to-own program in Canada. Through its rent-to-own program, they let renters pick a dream home today, build a down payment one month at a time, and buy back the home from them within three years at a guaranteed rate. 

As part of Highline Beta’s portfolio spotlight series, Amy presented and dove into how their new real estate fund to acquire single-family homes in Regina, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Northern Ontario will create win:win situations for aspiring homeowners and investors alike.

In many of these markets, family-friendly rental options remain limited and Requity is opening up the resale market for them. We’ve been blown away by the level of interest we’ve gotten from families looking to get into homeownership through rent-to-own.

Amy Ding, CEO of Requity Homes

Investors were engaged throughout the entire event and eager to learn more as Amy explained the benefits of the fund and how she plans on driving healthy returns for real estate investors.

To learn more about Requity Homes and the fund opportunity you can connect directly with Amy Ding here.

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