RBC Launches Reach Accelerator with Highline Beta

RBC Launches Reach Accelerator with Highline Beta

Delivered in partnership with Highline BETA, RBC Reach is a corporate accelerator program that opens the door to a commercial deal with RBC for select post-seed to pre-series A startups. The program also provides companies with an initial investment and coaching to help them grow their business.

RBC is Canada’s largest bank, and RBC Reach is looking for post-seed to pre-Series A companies that have products or services that address clients’ problems and improve their lives.

The first cohort, beginning in the fall of 2018, will accept applications from companies that have developed solutions that specifically help address issues that RBC business clients face and where RBC can be a valuable partner in helping companies get to market.

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About the Program

The program consists of three components:

1. Growth programming

Over the course of three months, companies will participate in acceleration programming developed by Highline BETA to help grow their business while also working closely with RBC to identify opportunities for a commercial agreement.

Program participants will have access to dedicated workspace in Toronto’s financial district. While the startups are not mandated to work in the space on a full-time basis, they will be required to participate in key events and programming.

2. Initial investment

Companies accepted into the program will receive an initial investment of $100,000 CAD funded jointly by RBC and Highline BETA.

3. Commercial pilot and further investment

Upon completion of the three-month program, companies that sign a commercial agreement with RBC will participate in additional part-time programming (delivered in-person and remotely) to drive the implementation and launch of a successful commercial pilot. These companies will be eligible to receive additional investment from RBC and Highline BETA, as well as receive support from Highline BETA on raising future rounds of funding.

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