Launching the “Corporate-Startup Connection Zone” at ResolveTO

Launching the “Corporate-Startup Connection Zone” at ResolveTO

Highline BETA is all about connecting corporates and startups in a meaningful way. We believe that many of the problems & opportunities worth going after are locked up inside of large companies — and startups are (in some cases) the right vehicle for solving those problems and unlocking those opportunities. The answer to every problem isn’t, “start a new company!” But sometimes that’s exactly the right answer. And that’s where Highline BETA’s model of startup co-creation comes in.

In order to get to startup co-creation, we need to find tangible ways of connecting corporates and startups. These two groups think and operate differently (with good reason!); but we believe there are ways of putting them together that leads to real results for both — startups get faster insights and traction, corporates get de-risked innovation opportunities.

One initiative that we’re excited about, which we’re announcing today, is the “Corporate-Startup Connection Zone” at ResolveTO. ResolveTO is an upcoming event in Toronto (Jan. 25–27, 2017), put on by the fine folks at StartupFest. The event brings together the best and brightest startup founders and corporate innovators for a can’t-miss look at industry disruption, evolving business models, and emerging technologies. Honestly, you don’t want to miss it. Sure it’ll probably be brutally cold in Toronto, with snow up to our eyebrows, but ResolveTO will be a blast.

The “Corporate-Startup Connection Zone” will be a space at ResolveTO for startups to meet with a handful of Highline BETA’s corporate customers. You’ll have an opportunity to pitch them on your startup, and we’ll be looking for ways to accelerate partnerships. We haven’t announced the corporate participants yet, but you can stay tuned here:

Highline BETA is also committing to invest a minimum of $25,000 into one of the startups that attends. Part of our criteria will be looking for a startup that successfully connects with at least one of our corporate customers, ideally leading to immediate next steps in terms of a partnership / proof-of-concept effort. As part of our investment, you’ll also receive ongoing mentorship and support.

The “Corporate-Startup Connection Zone” is one of many initiatives that Highline BETA will be rolling out in 2017. We see tons of opportunities to connect startups and corporates in a meaningful way…this is just the beginning.

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