Introducing Paige Halam-Andres our new Managing Director, Innovation

Many of our clients already know Paige Halam-Andres because she’s been with Highline Beta for more than four years. During that time, Paige has led and worked on a variety of new venture development engagements, across multiple industries and geographies. She’s helped develop our research & validation methodology, which has led to the creation of hundreds of millions of dollars in opportunities for our corporate clients. And today, we’re excited to promote Paige to Managing Director, Innovation.

As Managing Director, Innovation, Paige will be responsible for running and growing our innovation business, with a focus on helping our corporate partners build new ventures and partner with startups. She will continue to do the great work she’s been doing for years, and expand her responsibilities as well, taking a more active role in new business development and team growth.

“We’re thrilled to continue on this growth journey with Paige, to work with amazing corporate partners that are looking to build new ventures and grow their businesses. Paige has been instrumental in Highline Beta’s success to-date, and we know she’ll continue to thrive in this new leadership role.” – Marcus Daniels, CEO at Highline Beta

Paige has spent over ten years working in various forms of corporate consulting and innovation. Her background as a researcher and strategist is perfectly suited to the work we do at Highline Beta, and she’s demonstrated incredible leadership with clients and team members. She holds an MBA from the Said Business School, University of Oxford and a BA from McGill University.

We want to thank Paige for her continued commitment to Highline Beta, and look forward to our ongoing work together.

Join Paige’s virtual workshop: Turning Your Business Challenges into Problem Statements for Innovation

Date: Thursday, Feb. 16th @ 1-2pm EST

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Having worked with over 40 different corporate innovation groups in a variety of industries, our clients often come to us with a similar question: “where do we focus our efforts to show the value we can deliver through new business innovation?”

While there’s never one perfect place to start innovating from, during this interactive workshop we will give you the tools to take the business challenges your organization is facing and reframe them into problem statements you can turn into innovation opportunities.

Examples of business challenges we typically hear include; we have this asset we think is valuable, but we don’t know how to monetize it; we’re losing market share in our core business and know we need to bring new users in through different doors, but we don’t know how to; we want to diversify our revenue streams due to market risks, but don’t know where to start.

This session will help you tackle big ambiguous business challenges like these, and turn them into problem statements that you can build an innovation platform around and use to drive immense value for your organization.

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