Avery Dennison Rolls out Pilot Focused Accelerator to Drive Innovation

Global manufacturing leader launches AD Stretch, a non-dilutive and funded pilot accelerator program focused on solving complex industry problems through global pilots with startups.

About the Program

As a global materials science leader with extensive experience designing and manufacturing materials for every major industry, Avery Dennison understands the need to collaborate with startups in order to drive innovation. Armed with global research and development facilities and capabilities, the company has just launched AD Stretch, a groundbreaking pilot accelerator program that partners with startups and innovators to solve the seemingly unsolvable puzzle of how to work at the speed of technology without harming our most precious resource — the world where we live. 

“Complementing our industry-leading internal capabilities and our corporate venture program, AD Stretch will play a critical role in our overall innovation approach and extend our circle of innovators. We’re stretching beyond borders and boundaries, and increasing the pool of industry talent we work with to create a collective global problem-solving culture that inspires everyone it touches and generates real value for our stakeholders and society.”

Pascale Wautelet
Global Vice President, Research and Development

Challenge Areas

Avery Dennison worked with Highline Beta to develop 6 key challenges for AD Stretch focused on synthesizing sustainability with value chains and superior customer experiences to create company-wide solutions and jumpstart innovation. The six challenges, at a high-level, include:

  • Connecting Consumers to Brands through New Experiences
  • Less is More for Consumers and Brands
  • Sustainable Labeling and Packaging
  • Improving Food Waste Sustainability through Labeling and Packaging
  • Trusted and Connected Labeling and Packaging
  • The Future of Packaging and Delivery

Who Should Apply

The program, developed in partnership with accelerator builder-operator Highline Beta, aims to attract the best and brightest startups and innovators across the globe with key technologies that align well with the challenges Avery Dennison is solving.

Avery Dennison is looking to work with startups in material science and sustainability for labelling and packaging, improved customer experience around physical and digital labelling and packaging and transparency and value chain creation for labelling and packaging.

Ideal Startup Profile

  • Stage: Seed to Series C / Commercial-pilot ready.
  • Startups with a product in the market with existing sales traction. Experience with corporate clients is preferred but not required.
  • Applicants with a solution that fits within Avery Dennison’s challenge areas (see above).
  • Founding/Management team with dedicated resources to carry out a successful commercial pilot.

Locations & Timelines

The first cohort will accept applications from across the globe and roll out fully funded pilot projects across Asia Pacific and Latin America. Following a period of review and consultation, the applicants will be narrowed down to 7-10 finalists that will go on to execute these pilots.

Applications are now open and will be accepted until Sunday, March 20th at 11:59pm GMT.

There will be two information sessions throughout the application process including:

The final selection of startups will be announced by the end of April. Pilots will take place between May – November 2022.

“We are excited about the opportunity to co-create this incredible accelerator program with Avery Dennison to enable startups across the globe with unmatched commercial pilot opportunities. Having such win:win opportunities, to partner with a world-class materials science leader, solve real industry challenges and accelerate time to market, is a truly unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators across the global startup ecosystem.”

Hussam Ayyad
Chief Accelerator Officer, Highline Beta

Ideas such as fast-biodegrading labeling solutions, techniques to separate sustainable and unsustainable packaging for safe disposal, and even approaches that eliminate the need for plastics entirely could be the next big ideas in manufacturing and Avery Dennison is on a mission to collaborate with innovative startups to pilot and test these in market.

How to Apply

To apply, go to the AD Stretch website here.


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