Co-Creating New Ventures

We build ventures.

Crazy buildingWe build ventures with corporate partners (and their intrapreneurs) who believe in new venture development as a model for innovating and winning in the future.

We build ventures with great founders who believe in the value of working with big companies to scale and our ability to bring everyone together successfully.

What is a new venture, anyway?

A new venture can mean a number of things. Typically, you start with a small internal team that’s dedicated to discovering new opportunities and pursuing them. We help with the process: how to validate problems and ideas; how to move quickly and create a startup culture; how to leverage Lean principles to test and iterate fast and learn along the way. Sometimes, we take on a new venture opportunity with our team and go through the process ourselves–ultimately building new ventures for corporate.

Let’s build new ventures together.

Co-creating new ventures is not easy. There’s no silver bullet. But through our validation model, application of Lean techniques, and entrepreneurial & investor experience, we know it can be done. And we know it will have a huge impact on companies’ innovation strategies and future success.

We look forward to sharing more about the new venture development work we’re doing with corporate partners and founders.

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