Venture Portfolio Development

Build a portfolio of ventures to increase your chances of success

There are no silver bullets. And no one wants to be a one hit wonder. A portfolio approach to venture development means building a repeatable, scalable model for identifying new opportunities and launching new businesses.

Highline Beta can show you how.

Experimentation Drives Growth

Cultivating a bias towards action and experimentation allows you to learn and iterate. We help you run experiments, put products in the hands of consumers, and test pilots in-market.

Swing for the Fences

We believe in pursuing outsized results. Some of your ideas will fail – and if they don’t, then think bigger. We focus on transforming the future of corporations and of industries, not building a better widget.

Diverse Portfolios Win

In the end, a well-balanced portfolio wins the day. You need a model for spinning up new ventures and validating them quickly with both an internal and external lens.

We work with some amazing clients

Highline Beta and RBC Collaborate to Co-Create New Ventures

Highline Beta and RBC Collaborate to Co-Create New Ventures

Today, we are very excited to announce our collaboration with Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Canada’s largest bank and one of the largest banks in the world. RBC is committed to innovating to deliver exceptional client experiences, and now they’ll be taking the next step with us to co-create new ventures. At Highline BETA, we […]

Balancing a venture portfolio

Internal Innovation

Most companies start here, by exploring how to rapidly build and launch new businesses in-market. Doing so requires new ways of working (based on Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Jobs to be Done), thinking and being entrepreneurial. At scale, you’ll need to think about new systems as well: an operating model for measuring progress, governance, recruiting, budgeting and more.

We work with a number of clients to build these capabilities including RBC Ventures, ZX Ventures (AB InBev) and more.

Highline Beta provides training (through workshops and ongoing, hands-on support), mentorship and an entrepreneurial mindset to help corporates build ventures in-house.

External Innovation

It is absolutely possible to collaborate with startups in a meaningful way. Many big companies are already partnering ad hoc to fill product gaps, expand on R&D capabilities and more. We believe in building a repeatable, scalable model for startup partnerships through our Pilot Program Accelerators.

When exploring external innovation it’s important to build a robust pipeline, have the right systems for vetting startups, and then streamlining the speed by which you pilot and scale partnerships. Having the ability to invest (which we’ll do alongside you) is also beneficial.

And you can also incubate new startups and spin them out through our corporate startup studio model.

Innovation Insights on Portfolio Development

Take a Portfolio Approach to Launching New Ventures

Take a Portfolio Approach to Launching New Ventures

Successful startups usually don’t win with their first idea or first product. There are many examples of startups that pivoted (in some cases multiple times), or completely reinvented themselves, in order to win. Starbucks started selling espresso machines and beans door-to-door before pivoting to coffee shops on every corner. Avon started as door-to-door book sales, only to […]

What to Do With That New Venture of Yours? Spin-in or Spin-out?

What to Do With That New Venture of Yours? Spin-in or Spin-out?

Originally published in Entrepreneur Netflix spun out its ‘Netflix Box’ division, which became Roku – with a $4 billion-plus market cap. What will you do with your big idea? Innovation and iteration keep today’s leading corporations from becoming obsolete: Companies that put a strong focus on coming up with and testing new ideas have a better […]