Station FinTech Montreal Accelerator

Connecting FinTech and InsurTech startups with Quebec’s financial and insurance institutions.

The program is focused on solving the needs of financial institutions through partnerships with startups.

By capitalizing on the strengths of the Quebec FinTech ecosystem, the Station FinTech Montreal Accelerator will create opportunities for collaboration between FinTech startups and large companies in the financial industry.

Learn more by visiting the Station FinTech Accelerator website.

Station Fintech Montreal Powered by Highline Beta

Through this initiative, we aim to foster synergy between its members and startups and continues to work to promote and accelerate innovation projects. We are proud to launch this unique program alongside Highline Beta.

– Jacques Deforges, CEO of Finance Montreal (parent organization of Station Fintech Montreal)

Key Program Details

Thematic Focus: The first cohort will be focused on payments with a broad mandate to explore improving digital transactions, e-commerce, vertically-focused payments and subscription models.

Four-month program: The milestone-based program runs for 4 months and culminates in a Demo Day run in parallel with a major Fintech conference.

Customized Programming: Hands-on weekly coaching from our team to help startups develop a concrete growth plan incorporating sales, fundraising and corporate engagement strategies.

Coaching and Mentorship: We provide active mentorship in partnership with Station Fintech members to help with all aspects of running and growing the cohort startups.

Corporate Connections: Curated private events, corporate pitch sessions, and office hours with advisors, all designed to help startups find corporates to work with.

Investment: Highline Beta is providing, optionally, $25k upfront investment in exchange for 2% equity in the startups, along with the potential for further investment.

About Station FinTech Montreal

Working alongside the major players in Quebec’s financial sector, the Montréal FinTech Station is a Finance Montréal initiative. Its mission is to provide new fintech companies with a synergistic turnkey environment that promotes their development. The Station aims to showcase the energy and talent of young local entrepreneurs and attract promising companies to Quebec that are eager to take advantage of an environment conducive to innovation acceleration.

Created in 2010, Finance Montréal, Quebec’s financial cluster, plays a leading role in developing and promoting Quebec’s financial services industry and its global position as a world-class financial hub that is growing, competitive, attractive and innovative. With its International Financial Center (IFC) team, Finance Montréal works to attract international financial companies to Montréal. The organization’s other areas of focus include fintech and innovation, sustainable finance and talent development. A hub for the financial community, Finance Montréal focuses its strengths on these areas, reflecting the community built around the Montréal FinTech Station, which it runs.

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Coming soon! The first cohort will be announced in June, when the program officially begins.