Launch things that matter

Launching new ventures that win shouldn’t be rocket science.

Unless, you know, it is. But 3 out of 4 corporate venturing initiatives don’t yield the expected results. Why?

Too ad-hoc

Most innovation teams are competing with the core business for funding, talent, resources, and time.

Too slow

Most companies take between 7 months and 2 years to launch even incremental innovations.

Too unstructured

Without defined structure and executive support, ideas flounder before they can become full-fledged ventures.

An end-to-end methodology for launching new ventures


Corporate Programs (1-2 weeks)

In our Bootcamps, your team will learn to identify customer problems and explore opportunities to solve them. Teams will justify their assumptions, demonstrate a clear customer proposition, craft their business model, and pitch for funding and resources to executives who will select opportunities to bring to market.


Accelerators and New Venture Validation (8-12 weeks)

Your intrapreneurs and Highline BETA specialists will co-obsess in a milestone-driven sprint, laying the groundwork for a new division, spin-out, or spin-in. We guide your teams through validating user needs and prototyping early solutions with a focus on execution speed and future growth. Develop the understanding that you need to drive your innovation agenda by deciding to launch a new venture, pivot, or pass.


New Venture Co-Creation (3-6 months)

We co-found new ventures alongside your corporate intrapreneurs. Together, we provide the venture with the capital, structure, and experience needed to succeed. By combining enterprise expertise with startup agility, we launch things that neither could build alone.

Case Studies

With Highline BETA, Morneau Shepell developed a new product and brought the MVP to initial customers in 9 weeks.

AB InBev’s global growth and innovation group partnered with Highline BETA to design and run an annual internal accelerator.

Launch something with us