3 out of 4 corporate venture initiatives don't yield expected results. Why?

Too ad hoc

Most innovation teams are competing with the core business for funding, talent, resources, and time.

Too slow

Most companies take between 7 months and 2 years to launch even incremental innovations.

Too unstructured

Without structure, executive support, and a defined path to scale, even the best ideas flounder.

IN/ 1-3 Days

Discovery and problem validation sprints

Identify customer problems and explore opportunities to solve them. Focus your innovation team with validated themes and problem areas, laying the foundation for new ventures.

IN/ 6-12 Weeks

Solution Validation sprints

Your team and Highline BETA will co-obsess over a new product and/or offering. In a milestone-driven sprint, we will validate user needs and prototype early solutions. At the end, you’ll confidently decide whether to launch a new venture, pivot, or pass.

IN/ 3-6 Months

New Venture co-creation

Highline BETA’s New Venture model is designed to guide team members through the process of new venture creation from ideation through to launch and scale. Together, we provide the venture with the capital, structure, and experience needed to grow into a market-leading startup or business line.

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