Crisis Manifesto:

How insurance will

COVID-19 has rapidly changed the landscape of the insurance industry, exposed innovation gaps – and revealed new opportunities for growth.

Highline Beta has put together a special report on insurance innovation trends and opportunities. Crisis Manifesto: How insurance will change post-COVID examines industry-wide paradigm shifts, what’s needed to thrive after the pandemic, and features industry research and lessons from over 50 startup and corporate stakeholders. Companies will need to leverage collaborations with the InsurTech ecosystem in order to close gaps and build trusted solutions at light speed. 

Will you build something that's optimized for the year 2018, or will you build something that's optimized for the year 2021? Now would be a really good place to start.

Seth Godin

About Highline Beta

Highline Beta is a corporate innovation and venture development firm. We’re entrepreneurs, investors, designers and product experts. We work with the Fortune 1000 to drive growth innovation with speed and an investor’s mindset.

We dig deep and take action, providing clients with the right mix of innovation services and outcomes to create measurable growth opportunities. We believe in startup-corporate collaboration as the ultimate unfair advantage. Our fund invests in startups that have meaningful relationships and pilots with our corporate clients. When this works, everyone wins.

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Corporate innovation is changing faster than ever. And opportunities abound for big companies to build a portfolio of ventures internally and externally, beyond their core.

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