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Launching the “Corporate-Startup Connection Zone” at ResolveTO

Highline BETA is all about connecting corporates and startups in a meaningful way. We believe that many of the problems & opportunities worth going after are locked up inside of large companies — and startups are (in some cases) the right vehicle for solving those problems and unlocking those opportunities. The answer to every problem isn’t, “start a new company!” But […]

Introducing Highline Beta — a Startup Co-Creation Company

Ben Yoskovitz, Founding Partner Today, I’m launching a new company: Highline BETA. I’m co-founding Highline BETA with Marcus Daniels. I’ve known Marcus a long time and we’ve stayed in touch throughout the years. We’ve now found the right time and opportunity to work together. Highline BETA is something different. We’re a startup co-creation company. What does that mean? […]

“Women in Venture” Report from Highline Beta and Female Funders

“In 2019, most of us can agree that there are not enough women making decisions about the future of industries and innovation,” says Lauren Robinson, Highline Beta General Partner and Female Funders Executive Director. “But there is still too much talk, and not enough action. The intent of this report is to give venture capital firms, angels, and LP investors the information we need to benchmark ourselves, and to make concrete change. We hope by bringing greater transparency to these systemic problems, we can provide the inspiration and insight that will catalyze a different future for venture capital.”