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Take a Portfolio Approach to Launching New Ventures

Successful startups usually don’t win with their first idea or first product. There are many examples of startups that pivoted (in some cases multiple times), or completely reinvented themselves, in order to win. Starbucks started selling espresso machines and beans door-to-door before pivoting to coffee shops on every corner. Avon started as door-to-door book sales, only to […]

All Aboard! Get A Free Ride to Startup Fest

All Aboard! Get A Free Ride to Startup Fest The Startup Train is back for its 8th year! We’ve chartered our own cars with VIA and filled it with corporates, mentors, startups and investors to travel together and network en route to the Startup Festival in Montreal on July 9th. “The Startup Train is arguably the most […]

Startup Train joins Highline Beta to drive connections that count

We’ve booked first class train cars to take startups, mentors, and corporate innovation leaders in the Toronto area to Montreal’s Startupfest. Why? Because in the rare moments when the right people are in the right place, the connections formed create something that is greater than the sum of the parts. Startup Train creates those moments. […]

Introducing Highline Beta’s COO - Lauren Robinson

Today, we’re thrilled to finally announce that Lauren Robinson will be joining the leadership team at Highline BETA as COO. As many of you know, Lauren has worked with Marcus Daniels from day 1 at Extreme Startups where she led operations to help evolve the accelerator model through creating new founder development initiatives and startup ecosystem partnerships. She was […]