Meet the CEO of BanQu: Empowering Farmers Through Blockchain with AB InBev

Highline Beta discusses the upsurge of BanQu with CEO Ashish Gadnis. Ashish Gadnis is the Co-Founder and CEO at BanQu Inc. – a software company that’s helping unbanked populations in developing countries to build financial identities through Blockchain technology. The platform – which is now being used in 15 countries worldwide – allows people traditionally […]

Highline Beta x Together for Safer Roads Partner to Accelerate Road Safety

Highline Beta, a new venture development firm and Together for Safer Roads (TSR), a coalition of leading private sector companies driven to save lives, today announced a strategic partnership as part of Highline Beta’s Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator and TSR’s Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP) Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator, powered by Highline Beta aims to bring new technologies […]

Highline Beta launches Safe x Connected accelerator program

The term ‘smart city,’ originally coined to denote various technological implementations in urban areas, has taken over the headlines over the past few years, capturing our collective imagination. Today, there’s no doubt that opportunity exists to connect people, urban environments, infrastructure and technology to make cities work better for everyone. Driving connections that count Just […]