5 ways corporations and startups can collaborate (beyond vendor relationships)

When it comes to startup/corporate collaborations, most people think of vendor relationships. But what happens when the startup’s product doesn’t fill an obvious need for the corporation? Purchasing a startup’s products or services is only one of many ways for enterprises to engage with startups. So why is it the path we look to first? […]

How Big Companies are Using Startup Innovation to Disrupt Themselves

Last week I gave a quick talk at ResolveTO about how big companies are disrupting themselves through startup innovation. The goal of the talk was to walk through why companies should engage with startups, and a few methods they’re employing. I’ve included a link to the presentation here. There’s a time and place for big companies to work with startups. The […]

Growth through diversity: Female Funders investment education program

Highline Beta has integrated its Female Funders investment education program into their overall fund operations, resulting in a more diverse group of investors, executives and founders at the table. This unlocks new pools of capital and expertise for startups and investors across the broader venture capital ecosystem, while driving better returns for our portfolio.