Why it’s Important for Big Companies to Regularly Launch New Ventures

As Steve Blank said, “A [big] company is a permanent organization designed to execute a repeatable and scalable business model.” Simply put, this usually boils down to, “Do more and sell more of the same.” Big companies have cash cows and milk them as much as possible. This makes complete sense. It’s hard to argue against doing what’s worked for […]

Intrapreneurship at American Family Insurance

Intrapreneurship at American Family Insurance Debbie Brancel is the Ignite Structure & Process Director at American Family Insurance. Ignite is the way American Family Insurance is working to drive a culture of customer-driven innovation. Accidental Intrapreneurship Before this job, I spent 15 years at American Family in very traditional insurance roles. I was in the […]

Launching the “Corporate-Startup Connection Zone” at ResolveTO

Highline BETA is all about connecting corporates and startups in a meaningful way. We believe that many of the problems & opportunities worth going after are locked up inside of large companies — and startups are (in some cases) the right vehicle for solving those problems and unlocking those opportunities. The answer to every problem isn’t, “start a new company!” But […]