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Creating a sustainable future with AB InBev through corporate-startup collaboration

AB InBev, the world’s largest brewer, has recently announced its ambitious 2025 Sustainability Goals. As part of this initiative, they launched 100+ Accelerator, a sophisticated startup accelerator program that will help them hit their sustainability targets. Powered by Highline Beta, this global program challenges startups to deliver and scale their green initiatives worldwide to unlock exponential impact.

How can corporations use startup collaboration to drive real value?

We’re at the dawn of a new era for innovation, technology and venture capital. Corporate executives know it’s not easy to innovate from within. We believe large companies should take a balanced approach to innovation by identifying new areas of growth and building a portfolio of venture investments. We believe in startup-corporate collaboration as the ultimate unfair advantage.

Understand when, why, and how corporations can collaborate with startups.

With Highline Beta, Morneau Shepell developed a new product and brought the MVP to initial customers in 9 weeks

Uncovering unmet customer needs and launching a new venture outside the core business with Morneau Shepell: The Enterprise Innovation Team at Morneau Shepell approached Highline Beta with an audacious goal. They asked us to find radical new ways to help people live better lives at work and beyond. They had identified white space opportunities, and it was time to seek out the mentorship and methodology that would allow them to launch something radically new.