Innovation Programs

Highline BETA delivers co-creation corporate programming tailored to your organization. Our 3 core programs bring Lean Startup Methodology and new ways of thinking to legacy corporations at each stage of innovation so that they can continue to win. The duration, logistics and scope of each of these programs is designed to your needs.

Thinking of taking the leap into corporate innovation and don’t know where to start? We’re here to help.

Lean Startup Bootcamp

Up to 1 week “get out of the building” experience
Foster a culture of innovation and align executives and team members on new ways of working and building ventures.

  • Hands-on and intensive program for cross functional internal team members
  • Provide skills in Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Lean Analytics, along with experience using key tools such as the Lean Canvas, Test Cards and Empathy Mapping
  • Challenge your team members to think like entrepreneurs, spreading a new way of working and thinking across your organization
Lean Analytics

Did you know?

Ben Yoskovitz, Founding Partner at Highline BETA, is the co-author of Lean Analytics, which helps big companies and startups use data to build better products and businesses faster. John Stormer, SVP Product Strategy and Operations at Salesforce says, “It’s as useful for product managers at today’s multi-billion dollar companies as it is for entrepreneurs who aspire to build those of tomorrow.”

Intrapreneur Accelerator

1+ month internal corporate accelerator
Go through the journey of truly innovating and building something new.

  • Validate new business opportunities with the confidence to determine which to own, spin-out or kill
  • Facilitated by a team of leading experts in running accelerators
  • Drive innovation and entrepreneurship from within by empowering your intrapreneurs

New Venture Development

Build new products, lines of business and ventures inside and outside of your organization.

  • Tackle opportunities beyond the immediate horizon
  • Leverage our resources and space to launch new business lines or startups
  • We accelerate your venture from ideation to scale
Jeff Honious, RELX

“We brought in Ben Yoskovitz of Highline BETA to speak and facilitate a workshop at our global meeting of product management leaders with the aim to further develop our knowledge and practice of Lean Startup and Lean Analytics methods. Ben delivered a great experience for the group, packed full of insight and practical guidance on applying these methods in our business. Ben was engaging, informative, and inspiring.”Jeff Honious, VP Innovation RELX Group

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