HIGHLINE.vc: Our experience as pre-seed and seed stage investors

Our Story

To truly help startups, accelerators must evolve to serve the needs of the founders we back and the startup ecosystems we operate in. In 2014, we identified a need for quality pre-seed investors who could be the first cheque in on fair terms, who could build a pan-Canadian network of ambitious founders, and who could be a bridge to follow-on investment, allowing companies to scale faster. We formed HIGHLINE.vc to be that investor.

Led by entrepreneurs, backed by successful investors, and built on the foundations of Extreme Startups and GrowLab, HIGHLINE.vc was formed to attract the best founders. We love writing the first cheque but our goal has always been to have impact beyond the bank account.

HIGHLINE VC mentor session

Our Next Chapter

Today, HIGHLINE.vc has completed its initial investment mandate, and is no longer making investments. We are still accelerating our portfolio of active startups through customized programming and advisory services, support in raising follow-on capital, and corporate connectivity.

As the needs of the ecosystem have evolved, so have we.

Our team is now supporting and funding new startups through Highline Beta, a new venture creation firm. By combining startup operating models with our investor experience, we are helping enterprises launch market-leading new ventures.

Investment Highlights*

  • 1.7x

    Cash on cash distribution (to-date)

  • 8

    Meaningful exits (5x+)

  • $1B+

    Total equity value created

  • 14

    Active portfolio companies (out of 64 investments)

HIGHLINE.vc Portfolio

Kera was acquired by a Fortune 500 software company

Preo was acquired by a Fortune 500 CPG company

Evercondo was acquired by FRONTSTEPS

Retsly was acquired by Zillow

BlueBat Games was acquired by GreenTube

Pictactic was acquired by Eventbrite

Institutional Investors

* Performance data shown represent past performance, which is not a guarantee of future results. Any historical returns or unrealized returns may not actually reflect actual future performance. All securities involve risk and may result in loss. Startup investing is a particularly risky asset class and may result in total loss.

Investment Highlights

  • 64

    Investments collectively worth over $756M with a tracking portfolio performance 4.4x.

  • 10

    Meaningful exits (3x ) and already investor cash on cash distributions 1.1x of invested capital.

  • 70%

    Institutional follow-on rate and over 1000 jobs created over 5 years

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