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Highline Beta works with world-class startups to partner with large companies and raise capital

We believe that startups can unlock unfair advantages by working with large companies, tapping into distribution, domain expertise, data, capital and more.

Highline Beta invests in startups that have a meaningful relationship with one of our corporate partners.

Learn more below on how we work with startups to help them win.

Venture Studio

The Venture Studio builds startups from the ground up with great founders, whether they have an idea or not.

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Pre-Seed & Seed Stage Investing in Startups

Through the Highline Beta Fund, we invest in seed stage startups that are partnered with one of our corporate clients.

You can take a look at our current portfolio to learn more about the investments we’ve made to-date.

A few key highlights of our investment strategy:

  • Investment: Up to $300k 1st check (up to $1M per investment)
  • Requirement: Meaningful relationship with one of our corporate partners (potentially through our Pilot Program Accelerators)
  • Current Areas: FinTech, InsurTech, CPG, Sustainability and Smart Cities innovations
  • Governance: No board seat
  • Geography: Primarily North America, with a pan-Canadian focus

For startup co-creations going through our venture studio, the investment model is a bit different:

  • Investment: Up to $500k (up to $1M per investment)
  • Requirement: Participate in our corporate startup creation program (as a startup CEO or CTO)
  • Current Areas: Industry agnostic, although focused in areas of interest of our corporate partners.
  • Governance: Board seat
  • Geography: All co-creations through our startup studio are built in our Toronto HQ (but founders could be from anywhere)

Highline Beta is one of the few Startup Visa designated entities in Canada. This allows us to help international founders fast track their entry into Canada.

Pilot Program Accelerators

Our Pilot Program Accelerators are designed to help startups partner quickly with our corporate clients. Each program is typically 6 months in length, providing startups and corporates enough time to design and execute a pilot, and measure the results.

Along with our focus on executing successful pilots, Highline Beta provides active mentorship, support and programming. Our programs are typically run virtually with startups all over the world.

Benefits to Startups

  • No Equity: We take no equity investment upfront; opportunity for follow-on investment from Highline Beta and Founding Partners
  • Speed: Our sprint model is designed to fast-track startups to pilot corporate partnership in a 100 days or less.
  • Mentorship: Through tailored programming and 1:1 coaching, the program helps startups get to a proof-of-concept faster.
  • Access to Scale: Our enterprise network of leading collaborators provides an industry-wide ‘unfair advantage’ paired with product validation and scale. Amplify your brand awareness while fueling growth.
  • Access to Funding: Potential funding and access to other institutional investors via the Highline Beta network.

All startups participating in a Highline Beta Pilot Program Accelerator receive a variety of perks. We regularly add to this list, which includes deals from companies such as Amazon AWS, Stripe, Segment, Hubspot, Google Cloud Platform, Airtable and more.

Active Accelerator Programs

CURRENTLY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS: The Intuit Prosperity Accelerator supports the financial wellbeing of small businesses, self-employed and consumers across North America.

The AB InBev 100+ Sustainability Accelerator is a global program supporting AB InBev’s sustainability goals in water stewardship, circular packaging, smart agriculture, climate action and upcycling.

The Station FinTech Accelerator program is focused on connecting FinTech and InsurTech startups with leading Quebec-based institutions.

The Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator, in partnership with Aviva Canada, focuses on important road safety issues and developing pilots with municipalities and other organizations.

Ashish Gadnis, CEO at BanQu

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of AB InBev and Highline Beta. The 100+ Sustainability program accelerated our path to commercialization with AB InBev and other global organizations now adopting the BanQu platform in their supply chains. This AB InBev partnership has given us the credibility to secure additional customers and investors.”

— Ashish Gadnis, Founder and CEO, BanQu

Founders Wanted

We’re always on the look out for founders that are interested in building companies through our venture studio model.

We provide founders with the necessary resources to validate and build out their business through user research, early product/MVP development and more.

And through our corporate relationships we look to connect co-created startups to large companies that can help accelerate their growth.

Are you a fit for our venture studio model?

  • You have an idea for a new startup, but haven’t incorporated yet or gotten too far in the validation / development process
  • You’re looking for additional support in terms of product, design and development, along with overall strategy and investment
  • You’re exploring ideas in areas of interest to Highline Beta and our corporate partners

Greg Boutin, CEO at Relay

“Highline Beta’s venture studio model accelerated our growth by 1-2 years. We had a Fortune 500 corporate partner from day one, an investor in Highline Beta, a team of 5 people, an office and a ton of support that allowed me to focus on the business.”

— Greg Boutin, Founder and CEO, Relay

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