Highline BETA corporate programs allow enterprises to innovate faster.

Create a repeatable process

Implement proven processes to validate commercial deals with startups and launch new ventures.

Get to market faster

Most innovations take 2+ years to get off the ground. With an accelerator, launch in a fraction of the time.

Take a portfolio approach

Forge stronger innovation partnerships, and make more informed decisions to build, buy, or partner.

Partner with top startups

Commercial Deal Accelerators

Create expedited paths to strategic collaborations, partnerships, and investments.
Launch a flagship accelerator, or partner with other leading corporations on an industry-focused program.

Our partners

We're speeding paths to commercial deals with startups for the world's leading enterprises

RBC Reach
AB Inbev 100+
Build corporate ventures

New Venture Accelerators

In milestone-driven sprints, your teams will validate user needs and prototype solutions.
At the end, you'll confidently decide whether to launch a new venture, pivot, or pass.

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