Fast Track program to streamline paths to commercial collaborations for startups


June 05, 2018

Program will facilitate collaborations between global corporations looking for solutions to real problems, and startups with cutting-edge technologies and capabilities

Today, Highline BETA announced Fast Track, a new program to close the gap between startups and enterprise by bringing together corporate executives and the top startups who are shaping the future of the technology industry.

Fast Track allows both startups and corporations to save time by exploring pre-qualified opportunities for collaboration. By facilitating targeted connections between corporate leaders looking for solutions to real problems and startups with cutting-edge technologies and capabilities, Fast Track will improve the speed, quality, and focus of corporate-startup partnerships.

How it Works:

  1. Sourcing and Selection of Startups
    We work closely with key executives to identify key challenges and potential opportunities within your enterprise
  2. Matching and Prep
    Working with key executives to pre-qualify short listed startups, we connect with startups to ensure fit, and identify any potential barriers to participation or potential progress.
  3. Fast Track Program
    Startups and key executives participate in bespoke programming which enables discovery and detailed discussions on potential partnerships.
    Startups are provided with insight into the enterprise, including access to key decision makers
    A win-win outcome means that both sides reduce the partnership process from months to hours
  4. Post Event
    Both corporate and startup teams receive actionable feedback to help drive further outcomes

“Done right, startup-corporate collaborations can drive outcomes for both the startup and the enterprise,” said Marcus Daniels, Founding Partner and CEO of Highline BETA. “Our Fast Track sessions bring together the right people, at the right time, to create accelerated paths to strategic collaborations, partnerships, investments and co-creations.”

Join the Fast Track to Startupfest on the Startup Train

To celebrate the launch of the Fast Track program, Highline BETA is hosting the Startup Train. The Startup Train is a first-class train car that ships startups, investors, and corporate innovation leaders from the Toronto area to Montreal’s Startupfest.

Be part of the first Highline BETA Startup Train Takeover! Enjoy a first-class experience with other startups, investors, and corporate innovators en route to Montreal’s StartupFest.

To learn more about the Fast Track Program, visit

To join us on the Startup Train, visit

To learn more about Highline BETA, visit


About Highline BETA

Highline BETA is a startup co-creation and new venture development company.

By leveraging the operating model of startups, the best practices of the country’s premier accelerators, and the strategic lens of VCs, Highline BETA works closely with enterprises to launch market-leading ventures.

Highline BETA has partnered with leading enterprises, including Royal Bank of Canada, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and Morneau Shepell to build the future of their industries. They do this in three ways: Corporate programs—Highline BETA programs help innovation teams speed paths to partnership, investment, or launch; New venture development—Highline BETA partners with enterprises to launch new ventures; Funding—Highline BETA provides seed and pre-seed funding to co-created companies and to startups that are tackling corporate challenges.


For additional information, contact:

Jamie Gillingham
Account Manager
1 416 944 2722

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