Partner with today’s top startups to shape tomorrow.

Drive corporate growth through collaborations with top startups.

How it works


Discover challenges and opportunities for growth

We define a cohort theme, focusing on growth opportunities beyond your core business. We build a cohort of startups that will drive value through commercial collaborations.


Identify and validate collaboration opportunities

Milestone-driven programming for both startups and corporate stakeholders shapes the goals and terms of a pilot.

Pilots and partnerships

Launch and test pilot or proof-of-concept projects

With a pilot or proof-of-concept in place, you make an informed decision whether to scale the partnership across your business.

Why do corporations launch accelerators with us?

Drive a multi-faceted portfolio approach.Enable partnerships, investments, inorganic growth, and co-creation.
Reduce risk and other constraints.Validate partnerships with startups through pilots and proof-of-concept projects.
We are invested - literally.Create aligned interests and shared risk in the success of collaborations with investment from Highline BETA.

Are you running a high-growth startup?

Highline Beta is searching for early-stage startups with strong potential to collaborate with our clients.

We're embarking on a tour across Canada to meet with founders for 1:1 office hours. Apply today, and learn more about the exciting programs we're running this year.
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Current programs

We're speeding paths to commercial deals with startups for the world's leading enterprises.

In partnership with: Aviva

  • Theme: Safe x Connected Cities
  • Status: Currently accepting applications
  • Application type: Open

In partnership with: RBC

  • Theme: Beyond Banking
  • Status: Ongoing (Launched Nov. 2018)
  • Application type: Rolling

In partnership with: AB InBev

  • Theme: Global Sustainability
  • Status: Cohort 1 Sept. 2018 - Nov. 2019
  • Application type: Closed