Companies lose millions of dollars every year backing bad concepts, while ideas driven by purpose and values don’t get the support they need to thrive because they don’t fit into the right boxes.

We work with established companies that want to uncover new ways to innovate and grow, and we also help startups make the key decisions they need to successfully enter the market. In both cases, our goal is fundamentally the same – to overcome roadblocks and avoid costly and time-consuming missteps – but we take very different approaches to help our clients get there.

For Established Corporations:

Building new businesses inside large companies is hard because there is no roadmap for doing it, and there is a misconception that big companies can’t innovate because they are too set in their ways to make real changes. The reality is that large corporations have all of the resources they need – talent, capital and market share – to drive innovation. The problem is that very few people know how to tap into and leverage them to drive value. Established companies are often unwilling or unable to take the risks they need to build new opportunities that don’t map to a traditional corporate mindset, and there is often a disconnect between the corporate mentality and the startup mentality that hinders innovation and growth. Highline Beta helps internal teams in large companies think like entrepreneurs rather than like cogs in the wheel.

For Startups:

New companies face the exact opposite problems that large companies encounter: they have all of the ideas and “hustle” but lack the structure and the capital to bring their concepts to the market. Unfortunately, traditional VC models are broken because of the lens they put on success. Startups who are deemed “non-venture backable” because they aren’t likely to be unicorns get overlooked even though they actually create an incredible amount of value for those who work with (and for) them. The criteria that most investors use when deciding which companies to back are fundamentally flawed, which contributes to a rampant lack of diversity. Most VCs have a terrible track record of success – everyone points to the unicorns, but no one mentions the 99.9% of companies that fade away before achieving success. And as every startup entrepreneur knows, it is hard to connect into corporations who have the power, resources and knowledge to unlock initial big wins. Highline Beta helps startup teams identify and overcome the challenges that traditional VCs, accelerators, incubators and advisors can’t solve.