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A new model for corporate growth and startup investing.

Highline BETA is a venture capital, and startup co-creation company. We partner with enterprises to invest in, and build the future of their industries.

Combining the experience of enterprises, agility of startups, and methodology of investors, we’re building a new model for corporate growth, and venture capital.

Our leadership team

Marcus Daniels
Marcus Daniels

CEO & Founding Partner

Leads visionary execution, accelerator platform growth, strategic deals, and new venture funding. Former CEO and Co-Founder Highline VC, Managing Director Extreme Startups.

Ben Yoskovitz
Ben Yoskovitz

CPO & Founding Partner

Leads co-creation portfolio, accelerator program design, and investment theme validation. Former VP Product VarageSale, VP Product GoInstant, Founding Partner Year One Labs.

Lauren Robinson
Lauren Robinson

General Partner

Leads venture capital fund, corporate VC practice, and global ecosystem engagement. Executive Director Female Funders, former Global Operations Highline VC.

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